The following are examples of workshops hosted by Team RobotiX. Most of these events take place during the summer months and are posted to our website and via

workshop 1: Programming

Team RobotiX hosts workshops using Arduino, Hummingbird, Makey Makey, Tetrix, Vex IQ and Actobotics kits. We have parent/child workshops (K-3), professional development workshops for teachers, general population workshops for K-12 students in the Pittsburgh region, and special interest groups (clubs, schools, friends, etc.). 


workshop 2: Build it

Team RobotiX participates at many community events through our "kids teaching kids" program.  Students on our competition teams, along with coaches, volunteer for our "build it" workshops. Materials for these workshops are provided by FedEx Ground.  

WorkShop 3: Game Testing


Local education/technology companies need students to provide feedback on the curriculum/games they are developing for K-12 students.  Team RobotiX works with these companies to find age-appropriate game testers.  

This is a unique way to introduce students to a new technology while providing feedback to the company developing it.  




Showcase of Team RobotiX at schools, community events, and for private groups.

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