Board Members / Consultants



President of Team RobotiX

Associate Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

International Education and Instructional Technology Consultant

Coach: FIRST and Vex IQ teams 

Matthew Hyatt    

Founder of Team RobotiX

Matthew is a 16-year-old student who participates in FIRST robotics. He hosts workshops through the "kids teaching kids" program and manages all of the community outreach events for the nonprofit. See the "Featured Projects" page for more about Matt's 3D printed  prosthetic hand project (using myoelectric signals and a smartphone).    



Alvin Chou, Gene Merewether, Mitch Kosowski, and Gautam Narang

Robotics Engineers: Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute  

Workshop hosts for community events



Suzanne wynne

Grant writer for Team RobotiX; manages the organization's fundraising and donor management plans 

Co-coach: Started the organization's first Junior Lego League (Jr. FLL) teams with her husband, Adam, a Senior Software Architect at Bosch Security Systems 





Michael Dischner

Mike is CEO of Robotics Education Resources and a retired Technology/Engineering teacher with 20 years of service.  In addition to teaching, he has 10 years as a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) high school robotics coach and 2 years as a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) middle/high school robotics coach.  Mike serves in a variety of capacities at FIRST and VEX Robotics competitions, mentoring teams and officiating competitions as a judge.  



Jay is a coach for FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge and Vex IQ). He also serves as a volunteer at community outreach events. In addition to his mechanical expertise, which is invaluable, he also encourages the kids to research new ideas and teaches them valuable life skills (problem-solving, teamwork, and perseverance).  

We wouldn't have been able to grow this organization without his dedication!